Degustazioni enogastronomia Divino

About us

Our journey is that one through Italy of wine and flavour. It’s a journey full of emotions and curiosity to discover our drinking and eating pleasure that is our tasting pleasure.

Maybe it doesn’t matter only who we are but also where we want to go, that is exactly where we are, a small corner in the south of Italy in which we will try to bring colors and smells of all our country.

We personally select wineries inspired by the concept of “terroir” and artisan food and drink producers.

We make sure that high quality is our strength.

We always try to meet our customers’ needs by talking to them and taking their advice. Our customers even if they are vegans, gluten intolerant or allergy sufferers can find in our wine shop a suitable product that does not make them feel left out by the world of taste.

We carry out our daily tasks with passion, expertise and skills. We have ethical responsibility for what we select, offer and suggest.

Our purpose is to sell only what we have already tasted and really enjoyed. Now it is up to you to tell us if we have made a good choice.